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Experience & History 

Thania Sanz History | Artist Narrative 

Thania Sanz is an American Songwriter, Performer and Music Artist in the Latin Jazz, Brazilian & Tropical Soul Melodies with her Guitar & Vocals. Born the US and raised in Venezuela during the 1970’s in the Caribbean Peninsula of La Guajira, which commence from el Itsmo the Panama, along the Colombian coastline and terminates in Maracaibo, Venezuela. A Frontier City — Exposed to an arrayed spectrums of Latin Rhythms, which are vernacular expression of the region blurred with the Tropical melodies & sounds.


From a very early age — Thania got exposed to the traditional rhythms, and tempos of the percussion sounds, which evoke her to initiate composing & songwriting since her teenager years (12) with Guitar & Vocals. Her First Song was dedicated to Maracaibo, A Traditional Ballad in the Waltz original from Venezuela Folklore, followed by the Second Song Title “Venezuela.”


Since her Teenager years, Thania develop preforming skills, playing the Guitar at “Veladas” — Social Gatherings at Families home, for cultural events with performing solo with her Guitar & Voice. At the Age of 16, Thania Preformed Live as an opening Act, for acclaimed Singer Songwriter, Silvio Rodriguez at the Teatro Bellas Artes and followed by theatrical play Performances and play at live local Radio Stations, from such a young age.


During her forming years in Venezuela, Thania was deeply rooted in the Latin Rhythms, that at the time, many of the musical styles that she investigated at a young age have carved and influence her career and musical formation informed and shaped her musical identity as an artist. From the early begging Thania was always interested in documenting the Latin rhythms and sound to better understand its origin and therefore blend their sounds into a new route, which she still do until today’s date and part of her creative process as a songwriter and composer over 200 songbook catalogue.


The New Orleans Years;

At the age of 18 years old — Thania begun her forming years in the US, after spending her Childhood in Tropical Venezuela. New Orleans was her first exposure to Jazz, where she felt in love with Rhythm & Blues, Soul and the African American Influences prior to her Boston years.  Her exposure to Live Performances, Nightlife Shows, Musical Freedom and Stage Improvisation, was such an impact that resonated in her unconsciousness which came to float years later, after her academic formation providing her tools for the future of the musical style. During the New Orleans period, song title such as; “El Alma Igual Se Queda” and “Sin Parar” where essential milestones in the catalogue that came to live in this epoch as a music artist.

Boston Years at Berklee College of Music;

In the 1980’s Thania spent most of the decade years in Boston, during her academic formation at Berklee College of Music, as a single only Latin Woman of her Class. She studied for five years Guitar & Vocals, in which she graduated and received her Diploma in hands of B.B King.  Through-Out this years of musical education, Thania deepened her skills in composition, jazz studies, classic music structure, which open many doors in here future research of Latin fusion with Jazz in search of her musical identity as an artist, but also to be able diversify in the field as a performer.


While studying at Berklee, Thania worked part-time at “Spice of Life” Record Studios, learning the essence of sounds at Studio Recording Business and the science behind the production process of a music composition. Since then, she has never left the studio, coaching, mixing, editing, recordings albums and exploring new sounds. During this period her outstanding singles where; “I Can’t Express My Self, The Way You Do,” “Todo,” “Quiero Ser Como la Naturaleza” “Tu me Recuerdas” 


Back to Venezuela;

Was 1987, and Thania was curios to explore her adulthood to her family homeland after graduating from Berklee. Caracas, Venezuela — was the place to be for as the Latin American Capital in the midst of an economic boom and cultural emergence in the music business.  World Class venues, Restaurants Performances, and Nightlife Events, was the ethos during those years. Thania performed live with Trios, Quartets, Duos, for Piano Bars, in the Music Scene of the Proficient Capital experiencing a Renaissance in the Latin Melodies, but now grounded from her years of formation in academia in Boston, that at the time and for her generation at that age & freedom was rare. She exposed her experience and growing curve by practicing & preforming with the great Musical Maestros in Caracas, in the nightclubs, Piano Bars and Venues, where Aldemaro Otero, set the precedent to follow and influenced the direction of traditional musical fused with other melodies. Was a great inspiration, and exposure as well as Oscar D’Leon, Tito Rodriguez, Soledad Bravo, Simon Diaz, and el Maestro Torrealba.  


1990 Los Angeles, California;

After Two Years in the Caracas Valley, Thania decided that was about time to make the next step in her professional career as a musician and move to Los Angeles California, which was the right place to be. Expanding her musical career as a performer the first 5 year in Hollywoodland. She audition as a lead female singer for the Latin Jazz Orchestra “Chevere” Directed by Rudy Regalado. She gain the position without hesitation from the Music Director. Thania grew in it, and tour the with the Orchestra over 5 years with strength and discipline, thanks to her warm up days in the Venezuelan Capital performing in the nightclubs & piano bar settings. With Chevere, they play and tour around the world, from the US, Canada, Japan, in Collaboration with Tito Puente & His Orchestra. Thania performer for opening acts to Cachao Lopez, Oscar D’Leon, Poncho Sanchez, Ruben Blades, Andy Montanez, Marc Anthony among a few. With Chevere, they also performed for the USA World Cup Opening Ceremony in 1994 and many other Live TV show performances. As a songwriter Thania composed 2 hit songs for the Chevere, which she also interpreted in the leading Album called “ La Gloria” with AM Records Label, recorded in Los Angeles California and produced by Rudy Regalado and his Orchestra. Fantasias and Solito were among the top hit singles that outstandingly received acclaimed attention. 


During her LA years, Thania collaborated in the Music Business preforming Live with various Latin Jazz Bands in renown LA venues, but also was where her songwriting skill came to fruition; Recording four Albums during her years in Los Angeles. All written composition, from her own songwriting catalogue developed and produced during her past years.


Starting with a Bolero dedicated album independently produced entitled “Tu Me Recuerdas”. Which enable to launch her Career as a songwriter in the Music Business, in which some of the sound titles where chosen for the Fox TV series, “The Shield” as soundtrack for some episodes. 


The Boleros Album, as an epiphany on how to interpret Boleros, in a new contemporary interpretation for the Latin genera, taking it into a new level from the mainstream market to a more world music style. Tu Me Recuerdas, opened the door for her Private Studio experience. Producing Jingles, Background Vocals, and many Interpretations. Producing content for Kenny O’Brian, Gustavo Farías (Juan Gabriel Music Producer); Bebu Silvetti (Luis Miguel/Rocio Dúrcal Producer)Daniel Indart, Harry Abrahams, and Mauricio Guerrero.


She also coached vocals an thought as a studio lyricist, for many artist at studio recording sessions, educating in the Latin style, jazz and traditions of an expansive filed to international artist, recording background vocals for XuXa, Simone, Raphael, Melina Leon, Egnita Nazario, among a few.


Thania engaged on many translation or best called, adaptations from English & Spanish titles, in the music industry but also cinema; such as Roy Orbison Title, “Crying” adapted the Thania Sanz i “Llorando” interpreted by Rebekah Del Río, in the David Lynch movie, Mulholland Drive. Which later Rebekah Del Río expanded her music catalogue in her next album, interpreting “Alas para Volar”, written and composed by Thania Sanz at her Private Studio.


After the launch of Thania first album “Tu Me Recuerdas,” She got signed with an exclusive deal as a composer and songwriter with Univision Music Group in 2002, as one of the first Latin Female Songwriter in the Business, working for different TV Shows, within the network, but also managing music talent in the Latin Field for Main Stream market.


Soon after this period, Thania decided to launch a new independently produced album called “Enviando Sueños.”  Which reflected her learning years at Univision, on how to create new original song titles, but keeping the tradition of the mainstream Latin Pop market. A merging of Caribbean sounds, creating a catalogue of Cumbias, Vallenatos, Ballads, & Latin Pop songs where meant to reinvent the Colombian Vernacular, from the angle of a female Latin composer of her generation and   Experience after learning from the Latin lead Masters in her performance years.


Thanks to her authenticity, for the compositions made and interpretations for “Enviando Sueños” caught the attention of World Music Leading Music Artist, Joe Zawinul. Which invited Sanz to collaborate on a song title called “Mi Gente.” Song that a claimed a Grammy Award Nomination in the World Music Category for the Co-Authorship.


In 2006, “Alas Para Volar” was a truly pivotal album that reflected the artist approaching maturity, developing her own integral style as an artist. Due to the experimentation of diverse Latin styles, rooted in the previous years of experience, her academic preparation, and her background in native Venezuelan rhythms, blandly integrated — Inclined into the Latin World Music Style.


Alas Para Volar — it’s an album that, at the point in time from its creation until today remains current and contemporary, with a timeless factor for all of the song written and compose by the Artist.  This Album, truly reaches an outstanding repertoire of classic legacy written by a female artist in the Latin Business. The correct fusion of Latin rhythms with the jazz structure resulted in an emergent sound, unique of its kind and truly representative of the artist identity.


The participation of acknowledge musicians, also contributed to the album unconditional success. The musical art work generated by a Thania Sanz productions, call the attention for other singer and artist to interpret Thania Sanz compositions; such a as Rebekah Del Río, Tito Rodriguez Jr, Joe Zawinul, Melina Leon,  Elsa Riveros, and Patty Cabrera.


Before departing to her Miami years, Thania Sanz begun a recording experiment — that was pioneer in its own kind, in collaboration with renowned percussionist for Phil Collins & Diana Ross, the Borinquen Richie Gajate-Garcia. A collaborative project titled “Reggaeson”. An urban Latin beat style, much before the current Reggaton as we know today came to fruition.  The ReggaeSon experimentation was truly an innovative maquette sample that evoke the Artist to consider Moving to Miami to further expand her knowledge in Latin Rhythms closer to home and the Tropical Sounds. A new Audience and realm to explore and experience right at the epicenter of the Latin Culture emergence in the Pop Market in the US.


The Miami Tropical Years 2009 - 2019;

Thania’s exposure to the Miami years was truly a search and understanding of not just the emerging Latin American Rhythms, but also an investigation the culture and identity. During the Sunshine State years, Thania studied, explored and created new songs & sounds, influenced by Cuban, Caribesque, and Tropical sounds.


At her private studio, experimented new tropical flavors — only possible to be conceived in the Floridian peninsula due to the local talent and exposure to the influences of multicultural backgrounds as the capital of the Latin American World. Thania discovered a new sound that is she labeled as “Tropical Soul.” A catalog of song titles were inspired and emerged during this period, from performing ensembles with her Quartet, Trio or Duo, in various Night live venues in Miami; such as The Tea Room at Brickell East Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Epic Hotel, Estefan, and on demand in Private Events.


Tropical Soul is Thania Sanz, latest resolution of her musical style, which represent her evolving Identity as a Music Artist. Deeply rooted in her Multicultural Latin Background, but merged with her strong academic background in Jazz and Rhythm & Blues.


Tropical Soul not only represent a new style, in the original songbook repertoire of Thania Sanz, but also is a genre in which any Classic Standards or Cover Songs can be interpreted in a Thania Sanz Tropical Soul Style.


Over the years, Thania has develop a deep connection to investigate her search for the origins of Latin rhythms. Founded in percussion rhythms & sounds as the point of departure from the colonial times in search of meaning from “mestizaje” influences that generated the identity of an alphabet of Latin rhythm yet to documented or further expand. What we today know or classify as Latin Music Genera, Thania goes in a deeper dive, in the ecology of the genera and bring to surface her view of the Catalog of Latin Rhythms with a unique perspective of the style as an artist impression for future generations.


During her years in Miami, Thania continued her daily practice at her Private Studio, recording, coaching, teaching & producing, music artist in the Latin field.


New York  2020 - A New Decade to come; 

Today, Thania Sanz resides in New York City. She decided to relocate to the Big Apple, for the commencement of the next decade in her Artistic Career; to expose her new catalog after years of cultivating music knowledge and now ready to harvest in the New York Cultural Scene. She is ready to exhibit in NYC her Tropical Soul musical style, along with the World Music & Latin Jazz audience.


Thania Sanz, is without hesitation a pioneer songwriter for her generation. An independent Female Music Artist in the Latin Jazz & World Music field, with over 25 yrs of experience. What today seems to normal and eloquent, back in the  70’s & 80’s Thania decided to depart home as a single gay Latin woman and decided to become an songwriter, which up until today, she still active, and carries an extraordinary experience, ready to be shared back with her audience and generations to come. As a performer, with her guitar and vocals — her narrative is based on the origin of Latin sounds and the fusion of Jazz with Rhymes & Blues, navigating to the essence where rhythms comes from and inspirations to her songs.


Thania Live performance are engaging and memorable, she is theatrical and expressive on stage and captivates and draw the attention of the audience with her melodies. 


As a songwriter, she always recall the need to support independent female artist, but also positions  the importance of  the role & contribution as woman songwriter in the Latin Field, as fundamental need to balance the ecosystem of the music of songwriters and interpreters, to be able to generate and create new style and future catalogs. As a songwriter and composer, Thania carries over 200 original songs title in her songbook, for her own interpretation but also available for future Artist interpretations.


As a Guitar player since her childhood, when she performed live — her guitar evokes the base sound, but also the tunes in the tones and melodies at the same time. Companion by her vocals and improvise any instrumental sound she might need to recreate at first hand.  Her Musical rhymes depart from her Guitar, which enables the melody and table the richness of the sound.


This is the story Thania Sanz as a music artist, please feel free to navigate and expand on her legacy and the artist work exhibit on this portal.




© 2020 by Thania Sanz Private Studio 

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